New Flight Schedules are on site With a New HUB and 127 Exciting Destinations.

posted by Robert Clay on 2022-01-21

Missoula, Montana has been added to our ever growing list of HUBS giving us a new total of 254 flights to and from 127 locations. Once again, these schedules are to stoke your imagination and you are free to fly them or enter alternate routes of your own manually in vaBase ACARS. Every pilot is free to fly the schedule in any area or region and you may edit your route as you see fit. However if you add way-points or alter your final destination then that flight will have to be manually in ACARS to get credit for it. Otherwise the flights automatically log as complete whenever you complete your flight at the scheduled destination. Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun! Hopefully soon we will be adding more info as well as short help videos for anyone having trouble logging into ACARS or any other problem with flight simming you have run across. We don't claim to be experts but will help in anyway that we can. Also coming soon will be schedules for the area around the Colorado Rockies and Pacific Northwest including Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and up into parts of British Columbia and Southern Alaska. Please share your ideas for destinations you'd like to see on the schedule.