Updated Flight Schedules Updated - Files with ACARS for Onsite Publishing

posted by Robert Clay on 2021-12-11

Greetings and Joyeaux Noel to all Aviation Enthusiasts,

This is an update for an item published several days ago on flight schedules. We have completed our preliminary schedules for the Texarkoma and SouthPacific Regions of Learn To Fly Airline and Clifford has submitted them to vaBase for inclusion to our site. They will be under the Operations Tab as Schedules. You will be able to view these schedules without logging in but you will have to be logged into the site to actually schedule a flight. Once you pick a flight, you will be sent to the briefing webpage where flight specifics such as airport information and weather conditions, number of passengers, and cargo weight are identified. Booking a flight will also put much of the info about the flight directly into ACARS for you so that when you get ready for your flight you will only have to input cargo weight and specific flight waypoint info such as VORS and intersection points. A readable copy of this schedule is available in the forum as an Excel Spreadsheet under the New LTF Schedules Thread . Once schedules are finalized for all regions, we will convert these into tables with dropdown box information which will hopefully be much easier to read.

Regards to All,