Regional Flight Schedules On the Horizon Pending Approval by ACARS

posted by Robert Clay on 2021-12-06

Hello Fellow Flight Simmers,

This is Robert and we've been working behind the scenes on flight schedules for our new exciting airline. We hope our new schedules will tickle your enthusiasm for our new venture as we attempt to make flying on Learn To Fly Airline fit whatever is your perception of the most satisfying simulation experience out there. These schedules are open for feedback from anyone including the most new person arriving at our site. We want you to have fun and achieve whatever your particular goals may be in flight simulation. Clifford has made it very clear from the start that he wants everyone to be able to do whatever type of flying suits their particular scenario on this site without a lot of rules to stand in the way. I am trying to provide schedule options that will hopefully get you to visit some places that maybe you have never considered. Your flying however is not limited to these schedules and you are open to manually input any flight you'd like. We will run the interference for you if necessary with ACARS to ensure you get credit for whatever flights you put in the books. Once again, if there is a route that you'd be interested in seeing placed on a schedule just drop myself or Clifford a note in the forum or chat area and we will be happy to put it in for you. Our only limits are the bounds that we have to be able to locate the ICAO for your desired sites on one of the accepted charting programs such as Navigraph or Skyvector. I have placed a readable copy of the first draft copy of the schedule for our SouthPacific Region HUB located at St George Utah in the Forum Section under the thread "New Flight Schedules on the Horizon." Once again, I personally am getting long in the tooth so don't hesitate to call my attention to any corrections you see necessary or make more suggestions for other destinations you'd like to see on the schedule.

Happy Flying!!!