About LearnToFly.live

This site is about learning to fly and to develop your proficiency via a flight simulator in a way that suits your own desires and needs. It is also about sharing your flight experiences with others and to help each other achieve the goals above. Underlying everything above it is about your enjoyment.

You do NOT have to be a active pilot/simulator pilot to join this site. You only need to have an interest in aviation or flight simulation.

You may also join as a Student Pilot or as a Member with full privileges of the site.

You are invited to fly any aircraft in your simulator that you can get into the air. You are invited to fly anywhere you want in any way that you want to serve your desires and needs. For that matter, even aborted takeoffs under emergency conditions with imminent danger ahead are equally welcome...

You have the option of using ACARS (flight recording software integrated into the site) to record your flight and to score your flights in a relative sense should you choose. You can also just fly freely as above and then submit what is called a manual PIREP (pilot report). The primary purpose of logging a flight report is for your own benefit and desire. There is no requirement to use ACARS, it is entirely your option. ACARS has a limited to no understanding of how to handle any non-conventional flight situation; that is an advantage of the manual PIREP approach.

You may join immediately and then begin flying and logging your flights as soon as your account is activated. You can download ACARS under your account name in the downloads section.

I encourage you to join and participate in the forum which is linked into the site in the User Features at the top menu. Here you can ask questions, seek help from others, and invite discussions on any topics related to aviation, simulation or real. If you do not receive a forum activation request by email, I will also be activating any new accounts as soon as I see them. There is also a live chat room available on the site that you can share in with other users in real time.

If you are an experienced or live pilot, I hope that you will also help others, including myself, on the path of passion and learning about all things related to aviation.

I will approve your application to join as soon as is possible. If you have any hours from another virtual airline that you would like me to transfer over to here, please let me know and I will do this for you.

Pilots and Users from all countries are welcome here; if you would like your home airport or hub added, let me know and I will do my best to include it for you.

You may contact me at cec102@gmx.com, however, the forum will be the most visible and active location of communication for all (I am not especially active on email).

You can also find this site at www. LearnToFly.live (a little easier to remember).

Best regards, CEC

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